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Solutions In Wood Limited Company Reg: 8531029 England & Wales

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Why Us

The combination of State of the Art machinery, high quality raw materials and a highly skilled workforce all come together in Solutions in Wood to enable us to deliver unmatched service and ability.

We use the latest CAD software for design, manufacturing and setting out. All our drawings and details can be produced or amended quickly if required, to give a clear presentation.

The company’s experience in the joinery industry coupled with our sophisticated software and equipment including CNC machining services, allow us to offer extremely flexible, quick response solutions to both the trade and retail clients.

We are able to deliver the highest quality standards on time, and within budget.


After the initial Estimates & Drawings, and once all specifications have been approved and signed off by the customer, a complete set of manufacturing drawings are produced and thoroughly checked. From these drawings all stock and materials are ordered.

All components are checked at each stage of manufacture. We continually monitor materials, machining, assembly and finishing. Before any product leaves us a final quality control check is made.

Competitive estimating, effective project management, and dedicated after-sales care are the qualities that clients have come to expect from us


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Skill & experience to handle any sized project.

Unmatched  customer service.

Machinery & software to delivery any design on time and on budget.

Proactive approach with full in house design team.